Queen Victoria’s wedding dress

Honiton ruffles crafted on Devon bobbins

Royal Couple

Honiton ruffles
Crafted on Devon bobbins
In a back-street living room
Spitalfield silk sewn
With simplicity of soul
captured her gracious beauty
White Lace for lovers
Flowing soft against her thigh
Shared dreams of royals at dusk
Lascivious lust in mind.

Alison Jean Hankinson

This was a response to d’Verse Meeting the Bar; the Choka

Anyway this was my second ever attempt at a Choka..I tried to understand the form. Queen Victoria did love Albert and married very young at the age of eighteen, she had nine children during her life-time, and was grandmother to 42 grand-children.

d’Verse Meeting the bar


Image: By Engraved by S Reynolds after F Lock [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons