Imaginary Elfin



She’s my secondborn

Cherubic smile, big blue eyes

Churlish Elfin charm

Nymph divine hides within her

Magical mystic manner


Alison Jean Hankinson.

This is my contribution for imaginary. My elfin child who has always been able to mix the imaginary world with the real world.


This is her in a film made recently:

Grace’s Award winning film


Spring calls

800px-bird_amidst_cherry_blossomsBird takes spring steps- sings

Love songs from bare bough of tree

Winter is long gone

The stilted shrill calls her home

To nest in cherry blossom.

Alison Jean Hankinson


Tanka for Carpe Diem #1091 Sonata in E, Op. 1/3 by Cecilia Maria Barthélemon

Image: Bird amidst the cherry blossom/