Dreams lie lost amid the sands…

Lazy Sunday.

Somewhere between the sea and the sky,

my dreams fly free.


They rise and fall

on the gentle breeze

beyond the heat haze on the horizon.


My spirit with the seagull

soaring and then stalls suddenly,

shattered upon the rocks of reason.


©Alison Jean Hankinson.

This is my quadrille for d’Verse based on “dream”. The images were from our lazy Sunday afternoon walk yesterday. The sky was endless, the birds were amazing. In the distance you can see the sea windmills, they looked like they were dancing just above the horizon.

Lamentable Dementia.


Morgan Stanley, Epping Forest

Fisher Dogger Bight.

Cream Teas, cottage cheese

What has happened to my sight?

I had a boat the Mary Ellen

She sailed the seven seas

We braved the ocean regularly

We relished every breeze.

I sometimes think I had a wife

Whose name was Rosa May.

I’m not bitter-I enjoyed my life

But my memory has gone away.

Who are you? Why are you here?

Losing my mind is what I fear.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse open link night, and is dedicated to the people who reside at Rimu Park, Radius residential care home in Whangarei, where I used to take the students to read to the older folk.

Dementia is a cruel disease in so many ways. You have to try to build up the picture of a persons life from fragments of story. I think this is what dad would be like if he ever ended up with dementia. He sailed his boat for as long as he could after he lost his bosun and has now moved on to caravans, but the shipping forecast with its wonderful array of places was always waited for and listened to.



Jack “Legs” Diamond

“Are you serious? ” Alice said

“Stone cold He’s dead”

Shot in the head

Whilst sat in bed.


He was a malevolent man

From evil clan

Drug run thriller

Gangland killer


Prohibition mafia man

Irish dance-man

Legs Diamond

The Clay pigeon.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

Playing with a new form- the minute for d’Verse. This is about Jack the legs Diamond, who was perhaps related to Lily and Fairground Fay.

He was a real gangster and his wife was Alice Kenny Diamond. The image is a prohibition image and is creative commons.

Looking beyond the madness…..

This view gave me solace

This view gave me gladness

This view gave me the power to heal

I have needed this window and this view

At a time in my life where I have been devalued

Worth less every day and every step of the way

This sunset, this seascape, these mountains gave back

Worth less every day and every step of the way

At a time in my life where I have been devalued

I have needed this window and this view

This view gave me the power to heal

This view gave me gladness

This view gave me solace


© Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse poetics. Our theme was to take a picture from a window…



Being able to give… the greatest blessing.

I can smile and skip and scurry in hurry along the winding road

I can speak, chide and compliment and listen to lighten your load

I have food work and sustenance and a humble comfortable abode.


I am blessed with unfaltering hope and love and wings to fly

And distant dreams to share and amazing opportunities to try

And firm friendships love and family that death will always defy.


My family are a blessing and they give me hope each and every day

When I am lost they give me sense of purpose and help me find my way

They are my anchor in stormy weather when I would rather run away.


May you find your inner strength in the gifts of love you receive

May you give back compassionately to those who are in need

And remember that the most bountiful blessing is in the deed.


Alison Jean Hankinson

This was created in response to Paul Scribbles poetics challenge for d’Verse on the theme of blessings.


Lai Lines

Angst and angry throes

And Midsummer Woes

June blue

Sadness overflows

Dark Depression shows

Blue you

When Nobody knows

Just how raw it blows



Alison Jean Hankinson

Still playing around with the lai concept for d’Verse...whilst watching the early votes come in……

This Old House

Blot on the landscape

Ugliest house drapes

Lime green


Garden not shipshape

A narrow escape



Dirty old milk crate

For a garden gate

Rats’ dream.


Alison Jean Hankinson


A light-hearted attempt at a Lai for d’Verse….not as easy as it looks…and my first ever…