Andromeda-She had eyes the colour of periwinkle blue.

Perseus pursued the mortal Gorgon

Elusive Medusa with her head full of snakes

Reticent to cast a glance like others before him

Into her petrifying eyes with their stone-cold stare

Winged sandals gifted by Hermes to fly him to the lair

Immortal Athena supplied a shield his gaze to spare.


Nightfall invisible in his cap he approached

Killing her brutally with his magical sword as she slept

Life extinguished her blood spilled forth from which

Emerged Pegasus the winged horse and his sibling Chrysaor.


Brave and bold as he returned home

Love blossomed with Andromeda.

Uplifted from her sacrificial rock, he gazed upon her

Eyes the colour of periwinkle blue.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is a second contribution for d’Verse– Frank’s acrostic.

All images available in public domain-

Perseus with the head of Medusa- Cellini. Perseus en Andromeda. Potter

GhostWorks Texture Competition #50-Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess
white horse with thanks to
angel wings thanks to


Depression-never give up hope.

Destructive tendencies overshadow joy

Empty heart and emotionless void

Piercing silence and perpetual loneliness

Replaces peace and solitude.

Even in our darkest hours we seek the light.


Sustain our strength with firm resolve

Support each other with promises new

In higher spirits soar above the stigma and the shame

Overcome the numbness.

Never give up on tomorrow

©Alison Jean Hankinson

At d’Verse Frank challenged us to create an acrostic, and this is tonight’s offering, I might have another later, because he introduced me to some other styles and I might have a go at one of them.

I took the photos tonight down on the beach, it was a beautiful late summer dusk, I wanted to catch the seagull soaring to represent the spirit and hope at the end of the acrostic, they soar too fast and my hands are not steady enough…but I was happy with the two I managed to capture for here. This is what I do to uplift my spirit.