Custodian of the baskets of knowledge and other thoughts

alison 006These are the birds that come each morning. The Quails are wild and have brought so much pleasure to our family. They live somewhere around and have realised that the seed is put out daily. It is the moments like these that reminds me that my place here is as of great and as little significance as theirs. I foolishly think I own the land as it is my house that sits here, but they all lived here before me and will probably continue to live here after me. There are all manner of creatures on our small patch of land, there are possums and rabbits, pheasants, quail, rosellas, yellowtails, kerereu, and skinks, along with hedehogs, honey bees, praying mantis and this reminds me that we are merely custodians of the land.

In my other world of school I am the custodian of the baskets of knowledge and it is my duty to pass on the enthusiasm and motivation and skills needed for our young people to walk forward in our world with the dreams and desires and care to preserve it and enhance it for future generations. Our time here is so short and our value so fickle, it is like the wind it can change in a moment and lose or gain in strength and relevance. We must protect it and hold it close to our hearts.

“tread softly because you tread on my dreams”- YEATS

November 1st…the All blacks won back to back…in the rugby world cup

Well England got knocked out right at the beginning. It is important to notice what goes on in the world, the events be they political, social or even entertainment- they are like the beacons on our road map of life. They guide us back to our memories. I was born in the year that England last won the world cup-football that is…not rugby and for some reason that always seems to give me some sense of connection, it was a year of something instead of a year of nothing, a year remembered for something positive and not something of despair. So there I am like a little tiny star in the sky anchored by this one single event. My daughters were born on a day of history. They were born on the day that NATO began its aerial bombing campaign on Yugoslavia. Strange that- in my youth Yugoslavia had become a holiday destination, but that day marked a change that would last for many years and Yugoslavia ceased to exist in our minds as a tourist resort. And well that is how quickly and suddenly things can change. Our lives are so fragile, the webs we weave so intricate and complex and in one tiny breath we live and die, laugh and cry, hope and regret. Today we win. The All blacks… we win back to back in the rugby world cup. For someone somewhere it will serve as a positive beacon to guide them on their way and to guide them back to their connections at some future point in time.

In the beginning

I haven’t done this before…so this is in the beginning… I have called it  spoonful of sugar because I think I am an optimist and although there are quite a few ups and downs in my life…I try to take it as it is and keep going. I think Spoonful of sugar is a positive thing and I try to find positive things to help me keep up and running. I might make a few typos some days are worse than others but that is how it rolls.

Spring Rainbow on Mount Tiger
Spring Rainbow on Mount Tiger

I think I use my surroundings and the beauty in the environment to keep things in balance. Homeostasis as one of my students would say. I want to do this every day in November. I did Nanowrimo for a few years on the trot and did finish each time… a whopping 50,000 words in one month…but this is a different part of my life and a different story… so I am trying something different.