Remember remember the fifth of November…..

Goblins ghosts and ghoulies

Pumpkins at the door

Bobbing apples in a tub

Kids come back for more.


Cauldrons cooking winter soup

Penny for the Guy

Bonfire night and fireworks

Brighten up the night-time sky.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

Image in public domain. The conspirators.


There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.


Heading for our shore

Storm force winds

Drenching rain

Surge alerts for Coastal towns

Fear ferocious winds.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for Real toads- Shadorma. Shadorma is a popular Spanish form of poetry using a 353375 format.

Ophelia is headed our way and will arrive 30 years to the day of the violent storm we experienced in 1987.


A fridge too far….

Lashings of blueberry conserve

Rain lashing on the window pane.

Luscious sumptuous late summer fruits

Raspberries fresh from the cane.


Limes lingering for mocktails

Sauvignon blanc chilling on ice.

Swede broccoli and carrot

For roast lamb supper tonight.


Leftovers for lunchtime tomorrow

No fresh salad but mushrooms galore,

As the weather signals the move to autumn

It is Hot Chocolate with whipped cream we adore.


©Alison Jean Hankinson.

This is for d’Verse poetics where we were encouraged to consider the contents of our fridge….it took a while and was almost a fridge too far….hence the title….

The rain did lash the window panes today, the River Lune was very fast flowing with what looked like whole trees heading out to sea….crumpet weather…I did stop and have a Hot Chocolate on the way home from the University.

Driving through Dallam Estate.

It was a beautiful start to October, a little bit of chill in the early morning air and some dew on the grass. In the garden across the road there is an array of spider webs, which glisten in the dew. I haven’t dared to photograph them as I don’t want to disturb the neighbours and having me trample through their garden with my trusty camera might indeed be disturbing.

We spent some time at Heversham visiting family and came back through Dallam Park, it is beautiful at this time of year, with the trees turning and that warm soft afternoon sun. The Deer were quite low down and there were pheasants in abundance. I know that some people find them frustrating as they can damage garden beds, but I love to see them in all their splendour foraging in the shrubbery and grass for spiders and seeds.

Fall’s frail web of lace

Reminiscent of first frost

Pheasants chase spiders.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

Haibun for d’Verse.

The spider web image was available to use in the public domain from pixabay, the other photographs were taken yesterday driving through Dallam Park.



The Four Last Songs. Music and Chaos.

A cadenza shrill and sharp

Pizzicato from the harp

Andante and legato

Swan song from the cello.


Clefs, chords and counterpoint

From fiery exposition to development

Magnificent muti-tonal orchestration

Tumultuous recapitulation.


Finally four last songs

Lamenting loss,  lyrical and forlorn

Musical maverick Strauss is gone

The garden mourns.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for Real Toads, where the theme is Chaos. Bjorn talked of physics and mathematics, and it brought me round to music. Music is very mathematical and can be very precise and beauty and precision is borne from weaving together many delicate strands. It reminded me of two great twentieth-century composers who pushed music to its chaotic and mathematical limits. Alban Berg and Richard Strauss. Alban Berg’s Violin concerto is a masterpiece of mathematical precision, but  I opted for Richard Strauss’s Four Last Songs. The final line is from these and is the first line of September, written by Hermann Hesse.

These are my late September images…







Last day of September.

Raucous russet leaves

Brambles burgeoning with berries

Onset of October.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

Sunrise earlier this week and trees and berries today, perhaps a little hopeful on “burgeoning” These are my small things. They make my world spin. I am linking this to real toads midweek challenge.


Summer sleeps…

Hibernating hedgehogs

Slumbering squirrels

Luscious leaves crunch beneath my feet

As autumn prevails


Ochre turns to burgundy

Mist upon the hills

Children wrapped up snuggly

To keep them safe from seasonal chills.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse meeting at the bar…  is the season where many creatures are going to sleep for the winter- the trees were amazing today-but I only had my cellphone to get photos with…. I wanted to feel justified in my choice of burgundy….