Our love- a car crash.

Fear’s icy tendrils caress the nape of my neck

I see the mangled wreckage up ahead

Acrid smoke spewing from the burnt-out shell

That was your car.



Plastic bags strewn across the carriageway carelessly.

Empty nest, neglected summer,

Loneliness brandished in the scorched tyre treads.


Relief washes over me

I am waterfall to babbling brook

Phoenix from the ashes-you live on

We have a second chance to ignite and burn brightly.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse where metaphor is the challenge.






A little bit of Frank…..

She gave me a gracious smile

It lingered on her lips awhile

And gave a subtle taste

Of the magical embrace

That would later take my breath away.

It’s that old black magic has me in its spell


It was a meeting of fleeting love

Of tenderness and stargazing above

We held hands beneath the moonlight

Our hearts burned like stars shining brightly.

In heat of desire our lips tangoed a fiery kiss.

That old black magic that you weave so well.


I loved her passionately for she had stolen my heart.

With those mystical eyes that had twinkled from the start.

I loved her for all that her kisses had promised to be to me

I loved her beyond the mellow moon we could see distantly

But by sunrise, our love tryst was over too soon.

The mate that fate had me created for.


©Alison Jean Hankinson


For a morsel of Magic over at dVerse tonight. Frank always had the magic….

The image was in the public domain- wikimedia, and is

Frank Sinatra and Jill St. John. From Tony Rome.

The moon tonight- I had to wait…there was cloud cover…it is a harvest moon.









The Burden of Love.

Allowing those we love to follow their dreams.
To be drawn to the people and places
that hold real meaning for them.

Allowing them to be themselves
To walk at their own pace, dwell in their own space
without having to change for you.

© Alison Jean Hankinson.

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Andromeda-She had eyes the colour of periwinkle blue.

Perseus pursued the mortal Gorgon

Elusive Medusa with her head full of snakes

Reticent to cast a glance like others before him

Into her petrifying eyes with their stone-cold stare

Winged sandals gifted by Hermes to fly him to the lair

Immortal Athena supplied a shield his gaze to spare.


Nightfall invisible in his cap he approached

Killing her brutally with his magical sword as she slept

Life extinguished her blood spilled forth from which

Emerged Pegasus the winged horse and his sibling Chrysaor.


Brave and bold as he returned home

Love blossomed with Andromeda.

Uplifted from her sacrificial rock, he gazed upon her

Eyes the colour of periwinkle blue.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is a second contribution for d’Verse– Frank’s acrostic.

All images available in public domain-

Perseus with the head of Medusa- Cellini. Perseus en Andromeda. Potter

GhostWorks Texture Competition #50-Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess
white horse with thanks to venomxbaby.deviantart.com/
angel wings thanks to grannysatticstock.deviantart.com/#/d4gjjl7


Memories of a beautiful woman.

She was our Fairytale princess

Miles of ivory silk taffeta trimmed with lace

10,000 pearls and mother of pearl sequins

Giving a touch of grace.

Amidst the majesty of a royal wedding,


A beautiful woman

With a compassionate heart

Touching untouchables was her special art

At a time when HIV heartbreak

Brought devastating deaths in its wake.


The Indian summer of her life

Holidaying in Greece a rose still in bloom

Later in Paris a life taken too soon

In the Alma tunnel broken dreams

Smashed senselessly into smithereens.


We still have our memories and we still shed our tears

For your loss is immeasurable even after all these years

We have watched your sons grow into fine young men

They have carried your love forward time and again.

Rest in Peace and God bless,

You were a beautiful woman, our fairy tale princess.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

On 31st August it will be twenty years since Princess Diana passed away, my mum passed away 11 years later on the same day, we both loved Princess Diana.

One of my first blog posts was about her. This is the link:

Portrait of a Princess- Our Diana- The People’s Princess.

The image was in the public domain and able to be reproduced it came from:

058792: Visit by Diana Princess of Wales 1992
Diana Princess of Wales visiting Interconnection Systems (Plessey) in South Shields 1992. South Shields/Visits/Princess Diana Collection. Newcastle Libraries.













Cocoa Beach


It was to be the holiday of a lifetime, reunited as a family following my husband’s “unexpected” tour of duty in Iraq, we had planned a two-week vacation to Florida. Emily was devoted to Mickey Mouse and it had been her plea that had prompted me to book the holiday to keep our spirits up in those long terrifying months. We booked a stay in Orlando near Old Kissemmee and a week in Cocoa Beach so we could visit Cape Canaveral and venture as far as Daytona Beach and the Harley Davidson shop.

It was everything it had promised to be and more, we had breakfast with Donald Duck, watched the Disney Parade, saw Snow White, melted in the heat, saw real raccoons, bought trinkets in the old town of Kissemmee. We set off in the early hours of Friday 13th August to try to outrun Hurricane Charley and hoped to nestle in the safety of Cocoa Beach. Hurricane Charley had other ideas though and the hotel bravely hosted a hurricane party and we survived a little bit wet and flooded but mostly intact. Cocoa Beach Daytona and Orlando were all hit fairly badly but it didn’t spoil our holiday. There was a little eating place called Coconuts on the Beach and they served the best Nachos I have ever tasted and I always declare that if I ever win big in the lottery that my first treat will be a return visit to Cocoa Beach to bask in the heat and dine at Coconuts again, I believe it is still there.


Cocoa beach summer

Nacho-time at Coconuts

Hurricane hits hard.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

Tonight at d’Verse we were asked to write about a memorable vacation and this was one of my favourites.

Love you to Timbuktu and back…

My mind has gone to Timbuktu

I’d like to meet it there

It may be buried amongst some books

In a scholarly “libraire”.


I used to know the names of towns

And fun places by the sea

But now I can’t remember where

Or what I have eaten for my tea.


I think it is still a novelty

To see you sitting here with me

Your face is strangely familiar

Your love and kindness plain to see.


You take my hand with tenderness and press it firm against your face

Somewhere my memory stirs anew and I remember your embrace.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

According to the WHO globally there are about 47 million people who have dementia, with about 9.9 million new cases each year.

This is going to be my contribution to open link night for d’Verse. With love.