Prunella preferred pugs…..

Prunella preferred pugs

As a matter of fact

Not cats

All whiskers and fur and sitting on laps

Not for her.


Prunella preferred pugs

Snug as a bug in a rug

with her dog in a shrug

By the fireside.

In the winter.



©Alison Jean Hankinson.

The image is from pixabay and is free to use.

September Sundown at Dallam Park

It was a beautiful Saturday up on the Solway Firth with my dad, there was a slight hint of “autumn” in the early morning and early evening, but a lovely sense of sun and summer still in the air. I drove up to spend the day with dad and we played around with telescopes and binoculars on the estuary, watching herons and swans and other local bird life.

Driving home, still keen to squeeze the last moments out of a beautiful late summer day I came off the motorway a couple of junctions early at Crooklands so I could drive down the A6 to see if the deer were close to the river at Dallam Park. A perfect time of day to see the sun shining through the branches along the riverbank. I wasn’t able to stop to take pictures so have had to use one I took up in Scotland on August Bank Holiday weekend. It felt like the last of the summer sun and by the time I had got home there was a chill in the air.

Twilight sun shimmer

Deer grazing by the river

Sense of Autumn chill.


©Alison Jean Hankinson.


Today the prompt for dVerse Haibun Monday is komorebi which means sun that shines through the branches.

The feature image was taken at Threave just over a week ago, the other picture is of Dallam park, the deer shed is very near the river and the deer often congregate here. The image was labelled for reuse under creative commons- © Copyright Karl and Ali and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.



Andromeda-She had eyes the colour of periwinkle blue.

Perseus pursued the mortal Gorgon

Elusive Medusa with her head full of snakes

Reticent to cast a glance like others before him

Into her petrifying eyes with their stone-cold stare

Winged sandals gifted by Hermes to fly him to the lair

Immortal Athena supplied a shield his gaze to spare.


Nightfall invisible in his cap he approached

Killing her brutally with his magical sword as she slept

Life extinguished her blood spilled forth from which

Emerged Pegasus the winged horse and his sibling Chrysaor.


Brave and bold as he returned home

Love blossomed with Andromeda.

Uplifted from her sacrificial rock, he gazed upon her

Eyes the colour of periwinkle blue.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is a second contribution for d’Verse– Frank’s acrostic.

All images available in public domain-

Perseus with the head of Medusa- Cellini. Perseus en Andromeda. Potter

GhostWorks Texture Competition #50-Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess
white horse with thanks to
angel wings thanks to


Dreams lie lost amid the sands…

Lazy Sunday.

Somewhere between the sea and the sky,

my dreams fly free.


They rise and fall

on the gentle breeze

beyond the heat haze on the horizon.


My spirit with the seagull

soaring and then stalls suddenly,

shattered upon the rocks of reason.


©Alison Jean Hankinson.

This is my quadrille for d’Verse based on “dream”. The images were from our lazy Sunday afternoon walk yesterday. The sky was endless, the birds were amazing. In the distance you can see the sea windmills, they looked like they were dancing just above the horizon.


Hospital Birth

Darkest hours

Patiently pacing

Dim-lit dawn



Bald cry echoes

Through the walls

First born child’s

Entrance call.

Birth Newborn Sleeping Baby Girl Infant Hospital


This is for Jillys challenge

Where we complete the beginning of a poem and see if someone else can complete it. So this is my beginning bit.

The image was for reuse in the public domain from max pixel.

Alison Jean Hankinson

Lady, Green and Red.

Lady loved the plants’ light green
With flowers brightly red.
Her face angelically serene
Had leaves to shade her head.

She sat upon the mantelpiece

Amidst the Christmas cheer

Overshadowed by the nativity

And the radiant poinsettia.


This was to add to Frank’s (Frank Hubeny) poem, he wrote the first stanza and the second I wrote. Linked to Jilly’s Casting Bricks August Challenge as the second part of a cooperative poem.


Alison Jean Hankinson


The power of a smile is totally underestimated by most people. It is a simple gesture that means so much and it is used both consciously and subconsciously on a daily basis by most of us. There have been times in my life where it was a smile that made the difference.

A smile says “I accept you.”

A smile says “I get it, I understand”

A smile says “I love you.”

A smile says “It’s okay.”

A smile says “Hallo- I missed you.”

A smile says “Thanks for your support.”

A smile says “I will walk alongside you through your pain.”

A smile says “I am proud of you.”

A smile says “I value you.”


When you light up my life with a smile,

you make the moment and my existence more worthwhile.

©Alison Jean Hankinson.