I grew up in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire so I am a red rose. I am a teacher and have worked in a variety of school settings-mostly High School and always loved my work.

I grew up in Brass Band country so I play a mean bass trombone, and have also played in wind bands, orchestras and Swing/big band. I have a purple plastic trombone as I like purple and also a real one…

I value kindness and integrity and compassion. For one who has stumbled often I know the real worth of these qualities.

I love writing. I love History. I love all things spiritual. I love nature and the landscape. This blog is enabling me to fulfil one of my childhood aspirations which I put aside for some 32 years and let it back out of the box just after my 50th birthday.

I do have a family, a dad- who walks a little side-ways, a sister and her tribe, my husband and two beautiful daughters who are nearly 18, and we have two cats, Mischief who is the Queen, and Garfield who is just a silly old saggy fat cat, but very loveable and very loved.

We have travelled, we spent time in the Isle of Man, and then came to NZ where we have spent 11 years living in Whangarei, we have learned much about others through this journey and it has enriched our lives. We are just about to return home to the North-west of England to be re-united with our families.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your blog, Allison. Your pictures are also great. Both Mrs. Jim and myself were in education. I’ve done several things before teaching full time. We also travel, been to U.K. England umpteen times, our daughter and family lived in London five years, came home three years ago. We too like the Isle of Man, my ancestors came from there back in the 1800’s, the Corkhill’s. I talked with one present day in Douglas. Thanks for peeking in on my Toads posts.

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