On the temple steps at Nan Tien.

Once upon a heartbeat

Your small hand held on to mine

Once upon a full moon

When the midnight stars did shine.

Once upon a heartbeat

My child I gave to you,

Everything my heart held dearly

My dreams and wishes too.

Once upon a heartbeat

You walked with head held high

You were brave enough to stand up tall

Your wings were strong enough to fly.

Once upon a heartbeat

I watched you stride away

Grown up, confident and brave

To make it your own way.

© Alison Jean Hankinson

This is my Ellen. We left NZ in 2017 and had a week together in NSW before going our separate ways. We carried on to the UK and Ellen went back to Whangarei. We loved this visit to Nan Tien. It is so hard being so far away and I miss her so much and I am so in awe of her bravery. Love her always. Xxx

for d’Verse.

For Ellen.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

20 thoughts on “On the temple steps at Nan Tien.”

  1. When the fledgling leaves the nest, its flights are ragged, but soon they learn to soar; at least mine did; nice job on the prompt.

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  2. For many years we had the following saying framed in our room:
    The best things parents can give their child is roots and wings.
    Once my daughter was pregnant with her first child, I passed it that framed saying on to her.
    Your post reminds me of that.
    A wonderful response to the prompt! Thanks so much for joining in.

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      1. We went here in my last week with my daughter before we made the long journey home after 11 years in NZ and she went back to NZ without us. XXX It is a beautiful place and we woudl like to go back there one day. XXX

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      2. I was completing the circle- my mum’s mum and sisters emigrated and settled in Wollengong and my cousins and their children all live there, I wanted my children to meet them and know where they lived. XXX

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