The Ugly Grubbly.

Once upon a yucky time lived a grubbly gringly monster groo

He jiggled in the midnight sun

and feasted on wibbly bungaroos


He gribbled beyond the wobbly fronds and bumbled in the forest froo

He wimbled with the flowersong

and with the frimbles flew.


Once upon an ugly time when gringle monsters knew

That clovely bubbly mischief makers

Made life worth living true.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

For d’Verse poetics.


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

16 thoughts on “The Ugly Grubbly.”

  1. Well…..I for one think the ugly grubbly is pretty darn cute!
    These look like wonderfully knit toys or what my grandkids call “stuffies.” Being a knitter myself, I always KNOW there will be at least one error in my knitting….many times more than one. And yes, last year I knit a dragon for my granddaughter….I told her she needed to use her imagination when she saw it and that it’s name was LOVEYOU 🙂

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  2. SMiLes.. Yes.. i Ballet-Free Danced Ugly
    in the Middle Aisle of SuperWalmart
    With a Stephen King ‘IT’ T-Shirt Red
    Haired Clown Fully in Halloween
    October Fest Dance of
    Grinning Toes with
    iT-Shirt too..
    Just Reminding
    Folks Tonight That Clowns
    Are Beautiful When they do Ballet.. too..
    Listening to the Classic Song “The Last Farewell”
    Whittaker too..
    i felt like such
    A High Brow
    Beautiful Ugly Clown too..;)

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