Scents of Childhood.

Lavender lush

Lulls to sleep

Creeps through seams in crisp new linen.


Scented sachets


Smell of the orient in Nanna’s drawers.


Nivea and talc

Clean fresh towels.

Lily of the valley handcream and cheap eau de cologne.


Bonfire night

Sparks and crackles

Burned embers, toffee and smoke galore


Pine needles and frost

Gingerbread parkin, mince pie aromas

And freshly fallen snow.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’verse poetics, bit rusty have been out of the loop for a while.



Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

17 thoughts on “Scents of Childhood.”

  1. Your magical sensory tour has transported me, Alison! Lavender in my nan’s drawers and wardrobe; sandalwood has always been a favourite perfume; Nivea, talc and lily of the valley – I’m sitting on my nan’s lap…

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  2. Like me, you’ve given us a handful of wonderful scents that transport us all over the past; nice sweet read. I was closer to my grandfather than my Nana; jjust worked out that way.

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  3. Thank you for the marvelous bouquet of scents. (Forgive me for smiling at Nanny’s drawers!)


  4. the blend of these scents make up a world of absolute comfort and joy, a time and place you can revisit wherever and whenever you want to. I loved every line but the mention of Nivea can make me tear, my grandma had a tub on her dresser and we would dip our grubby fingers into it just to get a whiff of her on ourselves. such a beautiful poem, thank you sharing this moment.


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