How little can we live off?

Fragile strands of hope

Adrift at sea, lifeless, mere driftwood in the doldrums,

Dear God deliver us from this desperate dream

Have mercy-throw us a line.


Lift us up above the relentless rips that ride us roughshod across the sands.

How little can we live off?

Give us some crumb of comfort

Let us know that tomorrow will bring new hope on the horizon.


It is a wild place

No comfort for those who care.

We are foreigners in a flawed landscape

Fettered by our need to belong.


© Alison Jean Hankinson.

We have been through much this last year, and it seems like each day brings some new horror but we have no choice but to walk forward still. It is wild and a little unkempt and uncaring and I wonder if it can ever be any better, any less wild.

This is for d’Verse poetics.



Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

10 thoughts on “How little can we live off?”

  1. Your words are true, it has been a hard year. Makes us know we can’t make things just the way we like, with a snap of a finger, it will take more…and do wish we would receive word that everything is going to be OK.

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  2. SMiLes LiVinG in a Land wHere
    Technology Replaces Hands
    A LoVinG
    of Humans
    Working ToGeTHeR..
    For A Natural Forage
    of Life Will Be repLaced
    by Humans who become
    the Tools they Create For
    Creature Comforts loSing
    thE HeaRt oF LovE’s SoUL
    iN MiNd and BoDy Nature
    Balance Wild Enough And
    Free Enough to Need each
    OTHeR Enough to: Love and
    Give And Share oVeR TaKinG
    From: Hoard More.. to:
    Golden Silos
    ShArinG GraiN
    iN Wild LoVE FLoWeR Fields
    No LonGeR CLoTHiNG aS Tools..:)

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