Wintering down

So barren and bare

Sacres me with its sense of isolation

Leave-less trees, dead shrubbery scars the landscape

The wind bites through the boulders that shield me from the sudden snow flurry.


Old Man

Sits atop the slate,

Spoil heaps spill still from the rugged ruins of derelict mines.

Firm footsteps back toward the lake to see the sunset skim the surface of the water.


©Alison Jean Hankinson


I used the image called “Winter trees at Coniston” by Fay Collins. 

This was written for poetics   d’Verse

It is also Day 17 of Napowrimo.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

22 thoughts on “Wintering down”

    1. Arthur Ransome wrote about the Lakes in his books the Swallows and Amazons series…the Old Man was the inspiration for Kanchenchunga in his books. The parents in the book called it the Matterhorn. XX


    1. Coniston town and the lake is pretty and lively in contrast it is like going from the first movement of the Pathetique to the wave motif in Fingals cave. In fact I feel the need to go visit Coniston some time soon. XXX


  1. The landscape in this picture is ‘barren and bare’ but I love the golden glow on the left-hand side, which seems to be leading the observer to the edge of the lake, which you have captured in your poem, Alison – like a film. I love how you’ve captured the cold in ‘The wind bites through the boulders that shield me from the sudden snow flurry’.

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  2. You write of a desolate landscape well Alison, and then remind us of the hope of seasonal regeneration to come, of the sunset sun skimming the water.
    Anna :o]

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