Dystopian grey….

It was a very grey holiday, there were some bits of bright blue sky and sunlight reflecting on the freshly fallen snow but the background theme and feeling was a dreary dismal dullness of the darkness felt too long,  and the sludge and slush of snow left to linger after a cold and brilliant winter.

We went to Leith -one of my dad’s favourite songs is sunshine on Leith by the Proclaimers and I wrote about it once in They Sing For Him. So we took a winter trip to see the sunshine in Leith. It is a suburb of Edinburgh on the coast and this is what mesmerised me most, the fact that it was on the coast. I had been to Edinburgh several times to the Castle and the sights and never really thought of it as being coastal. The architecture was grey and mesmerising, It was like waking up in a different time and a different place, a truly dystopian setting. It had its own unique beauty.

Shapeshifter sky

Solitary crocus speaks

Winter’s dirge recedes.

©Alison Jean Hankinson.

The Proclaimers version

2016 cup final version

Chortle- been away too long- forgot to add the link. This is for d’Verse haibun Monday. Love to all.



Author: alisonhankinson

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24 thoughts on “Dystopian grey….”

  1. Scotland is grey, but a special kind of grey, I think, Alison. I like the way you have evoked that in the prose: dreary dismal dullness of the darkness’ and ‘sludge and slush of snow left to linger’. I agree about the architecture being ‘grey and mesmerising’ and ‘a truly dystopian setting’. The haiku is superb with its ‘shapeshifter sky’ and ‘solitary crocus’!

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      1. I was talking about Torridon area whilst we were up there, a beautiful area, I went there with some D of E students many years ago and have some fabulous memories of the place in very wintery conditions, I was fortunate and stayed at the youth hostel so at least had some creature comforts. I think it might well find itself back on the places to visit again list.


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