Duck dis-grace.

Nothing says grace like a swan

But I don’t have a picture of a swan

So here is a poem about a duck.


Waddling through the grass

Wiggling my feathery ass

Who says I am an ugly duck


Quack-Quacking noisily as I go

Waddling my ass to and fro

Falling over like a dis-graceful duck


I take to the air in flight

I flap flap with all my might

Gliding over skylights I cluck


The breeze sets me disgracefully free

Soon other disgraceful ducks join with me

As we fly in formation how beautiful we look…….


©Alison Jean Hankinson

Quack Quack. Honk Honk. Happy New Year…..

For d’Verse….





Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

13 thoughts on “Duck dis-grace.”

  1. Haha! How gracefully you have dispelled the ASSumptions about our friends, the ducks. Swans are nasty, mean birds at times… not so full of grace. Ducks bring humor with them, and politely honk their horns if we are in their way. Besides… name one cartoon character modeled after a swan! Pffft! Ducks rule. (Until the rabbits arrive.)

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    1. iI have to agree with that! The swans that visit our moorings are so aloof but the ducks come looking for food and are so comical they cheer me up no end. I love it when they sit on the roof and quack! And such a funny waddle.

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  2. LOVING this! The use of the word “dis-graceful” as related to a duck versus a swan… so smiling I am.
    I’m reminded of how I always smile when I see ducks on the Charles River here in BOSTON, ducking their heads down into the water for food and their rears stick up and you see their tails waggling and their hind feet peddling like mad to get their heads down to grab their food. I ALWAYS smile and either say aloud or in my mind “Bottoms up!” 😊🙃

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