The Invisible Worm…

Endo warrior.

Bravely fighting for breath somewhere between bloodbath

And deep painful chasm of menstrual despair

Adenomyosis crippling.


She took the apple from the tree

To set her free

Unaware of the invisible worm it carried deep inside.


It burrowed its way inside her,

It perforated her uterus

It wormed its way deep inside her pelvis.

And came to rest 3mm from her spine.



Bayer’s little game-changer.

It changed her game forever.


Her hair fell out, her eyes bled,

Fevers ravaged her body

Her insides turned to poison.

And Arthritis set in.


The invisible worm

No crimson joy

It nearly did her life destroy.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This for d’verse where we were asked to use symbolism and I wanted to use “the invisible worm”.

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis blight the lives of many women. Unfortunately, the Mirena is another one of those medical catastrophes that were intended to give hope but for some caused irreparable and devastating damage and consequences.

The image was created by sammydavisdog on Flickr.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

19 thoughts on “The Invisible Worm…”

  1. It is highly probable that Big Pharma was aware of adverse side effects – but what do they care, money is money.
    Sad story, well told Alison.

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  2. Ugh. This is rather heartbreaking. Thank you for shining the light on a bit of darkness.
    The use of the apple, and all the symbolism it holds, Biblically and otherwise, is definitely
    spot on.

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  3. The invisible worm…..the inclusion of Eve in the poem….the life-changing effect of man-made medications to control women’s bodily functions and the severe problems many have wrought…I think for example of thalidomide…and Miren….and there was also a medication prescribed in the 70s for nausea during pregnancy that turned out to be very problematic as well. Mirren….as the invisible worm…eating away at the insides as it is inside…powerful indeed.

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