Wish you were near.

If I could turn back the clock and revisit the years

The worry and fears would feature less in our lives

I would hold your hand tightly and cherish the tears

I would be kinder, argue less, smile more and realise

That the memories and moments and having you near

Are worth more than ever as ever-swiftly time flies.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is my contribution to the birthday open link night at d’Verse. I am a November birthday. This is about my children, especially my firstborn twin, who is a long way from home and is bravely making her way in the world with no family at her side. When I look back at all the moments I wish there had been more time not less.



Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

22 thoughts on “Wish you were near.”

  1. Happy November birthday, Alison! My daughter’s birthday is on 22nd and I will, after many months, be seeing her on Saturday, together with her husband and ‘the bump’. I know and understand the wrench when a child is away – I did it to my own mum all those years ago – but as mothers, we know it has to happen. I think this is a poem for mothers everywhere.

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  2. I think I recall you writing on your daughter before (?) – you must miss her so much. And yes time flies by far to quickly.
    Happy Birthday!
    Anna :o]

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