Give with a glad heart…

I watched a film this weekend that has left an indelible imprint on my mind. I wept in places as I watched and the story made my heart and soul bleed, partly because of the kindness demonstrated by the one character for the other but also partly for the complete lack of humanity and kindness shown by others in the same instance. The film was called I Daniel Blake.

I cried because of the injustice, I cried because I had felt those things this year too, I cried for the mother’s love of her children and for how she had gone without to ensure her children were well. I cried for the kindness of the old man for helping the family despite his own hardship and loss. I cried mostly for a society that seems to have forgotten how important kindness is. I cried because in my desperate hours of need I have been given kindess. I cried because even in my own desperate hours of need, my needs will have been far less significant than the needs of many others who probably also needed kindness.

Give with a glad heart.

Expect nothing in return

Kindness warms, ice melts.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse Haibun monday. The birds are just because….I feed the birds…all birds…big ones, little ones, brown ones, white ones….The seagull on the roof has a gammy leg…he still survives…


Author: alisonhankinson

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19 thoughts on “Give with a glad heart…”

  1. Expecting nothing in return is the challenge. I think on some level our nature is to expect a return on an investment. Maybe that is just mine, or something that I needed to get over. I know I did not start there, but became quite frustrated over time, and found myself there. I think it has to do with giving to the point you are empty and never feeling like your cup is refilled – which is a dangerous place to be.

    Anyway, this movie sounds really good. I will look it up.

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  2. I think I might have heard of I Daniel Blake or maybe even read a review but I haven’t seen it yet. I love a film that can move me to tears so I’ll have to look out for it.

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  3. I’m an ex-actor & full time movie buff, with thousands of films on my shelves. I weep in a lot of movies; really let go. Oddly, tragedy in real life I meet head on, calmly, stoically–go figure.

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  4. I am going to check out that movie ~ Goodness, I am always crying over the same themes you mentioned ~ And I like the way you frame your needs versus the needs of others ~ I too have remind myself, I am blessed when I read the hard lives of others ~

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  5. I like your account of your experience with the film. Sounds very moving and a bit of an emotional roller coaster that shines through kindness in the end. The haiku is a fine topper. I must look that film up.


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  6. I apologize for getting to your submission so late. I lost internet (!) yesterday during the prompt and just got it back sometime early this morning. Indeed. Kindness warms, ice melts. You said it all. wonderful haiku at the end of this marvelous haibun.

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