Butterfly jitterbug

Scantily across the mildewed road

Sordid sounds of rank and file

Perturbed the air

Candyfloss tears

Mistaken identities

Purriri moth in damson tree.

When the wind blows cold

I shall wear my purple hat

Forgive me.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse.….mmmm have no idea if this is right…

The image is from flickr by Pamela Kelly.




Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

18 thoughts on “Kaos”

  1. Bang on, far out, rocking the prompt. There is no one way to butcher grammar–you just get out your sharp wit & start slicing. I liked /candyfloss tears/.

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  2. “Butterfly jitterbug / Scantily across the mildewed road” What a way to set off a romp! It was a joy from start to finish. How could it not be with that first line?

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  3. Mistaken identities…the flutterby and the moth — smiling I am….and I adore those who wear the purple hat, even virtually! Nice take on the prompt!
    LATE to the reading…and needing a second cup of black coffe for many of the prompts but this one, ah this one….I muchly enjoyed! 🙂

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