Driving through Dallam Estate.

It was a beautiful start to October, a little bit of chill in the early morning air and some dew on the grass. In the garden across the road there is an array of spider webs, which glisten in the dew. I haven’t dared to photograph them as I don’t want to disturb the neighbours and having me trample through their garden with my trusty camera might indeed be disturbing.

We spent some time at Heversham visiting family and came back through Dallam Park, it is beautiful at this time of year, with the trees turning and that warm soft afternoon sun. The Deer were quite low down and there were pheasants in abundance. I know that some people find them frustrating as they can damage garden beds, but I love to see them in all their splendour foraging in the shrubbery and grass for spiders and seeds.

Fall’s frail web of lace

Reminiscent of first frost

Pheasants chase spiders.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

Haibun for d’Verse.

The spider web image was available to use in the public domain from pixabay, the other photographs were taken yesterday driving through Dallam Park.



Author: alisonhankinson

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26 thoughts on “Driving through Dallam Estate.”

  1. A terrific sharing, Fall’s embrace, still holding the first frost at arm’s length. Spider webs are one of my favorite things to snap images of.

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  2. You have some lovely trips out, Alison, and I’m glad you got a spider’s web photo! I got up yesterday morning to wet grass and as I let Luna (one of the cats) in the back door, there was a deer wandering across the garden – I love that. That’s such an upbeat haiku with the pheasants chasing spiders! It seems all the spiders have come indoors here. 🙂

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  3. When I was a child there were always pheasants in the fence rows. Then the big farm conglomerates got greedy and took out all the fence rows and it is rare to see a pheasant now. Sad passing of the tidy little individual farms. I so enjoyed your journey. You made it come alive.

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