Serenade to a misspent youth…..

Pink organza dress

A sea of roses in her hair

Undercurrent of sensual sorceress.

Scents of love promised

Followed by adrenalin rush.


Temptress divine

A moment of indiscretion

That claimed you as mine.

Followed by a tsunami of regret

And a lifetime of commitment.


© Alison Jean Hankinson




Aline with Flowers, Free to use for non commercial use.

I have decided to submit this poem for d’Verse open link night. I wrote it at the weekend. It took me a while to find an image that I liked, and I actually discovered a lot of images by Garreta that I liked, so that was a bonus.


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

19 thoughts on “Serenade to a misspent youth…..”

  1. I’m glad your hunt for an image led you to Garreta . It sometimes happens like that, Alison. I love the phrase ‘undercurrent of sensual sorceress’ – it served him right and he probably deserved the ‘tsunami of regret’ and ‘lifetime of commitment’.

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  2. Such a fantastic image – I thought it would be hard to top but your verse takes it further – and the two stanzas of your ‘serenade’ – the adrenalin rush in the first and the tears in the second – very clever.

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  3. This lifetime of regret was what our ancestors put up with; mismatched folks locked into bad marriages. Mosi of we boomers would not put up with such nonsense. Took me 3 marriages to get it right.

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