Shall we sit on the park bench at sundown…?

Shall we sit a while,

Watching the sun go down over yonder?

Shall we share our bravest thoughts and dreams

Express in silent contemplation

Our sense of wonder?


Shall we watch the night unfold

Hold hands and watch the day grow old,

Pause a while, dream a little, share a smile

Knowing that the stars meanwhile

will always serve as a reminder


Of the love we shared?


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse  where Bjorn has challenged us to write a poem of only questions…my first effort was very questionable….this is my second….

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

22 thoughts on “Shall we sit on the park bench at sundown…?”

  1. “Pause a while, dream a little, share a smile” … This line stands out with its depth in simplicity, and its rhythm and internal rhyme produce a heck of a ring to the ear. Nice work, Alison.

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  2. LATE to the reading 😦
    I absolutely adore this post on the prompt. It is truly relaxing, lovely, comforting….almost makes you feel a sense of calm and slowing down. Ah…that we all should have someone to sit quietly with and just silently contemplate the stars. 🙂

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