Our love- a car crash.

Fear’s icy tendrils caress the nape of my neck

I see the mangled wreckage up ahead

Acrid smoke spewing from the burnt-out shell

That was your car.



Plastic bags strewn across the carriageway carelessly.

Empty nest, neglected summer,

Loneliness brandished in the scorched tyre treads.


Relief washes over me

I am waterfall to babbling brook

Phoenix from the ashes-you live on

We have a second chance to ignite and burn brightly.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for d’Verse where metaphor is the challenge.






Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

20 thoughts on “Our love- a car crash.”

  1. Many years ago, it happened to me. Only the other way around, my Husband found my car, after it had been towed to the dealership. Not a good way to find out. I was given another chance, it wasn’t my time. Perhaps I was a phoenix, too.

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  2. Seeing the wrecked car of someone you love has to be the worst thing and you have conveyed it so well – the line ‘That was your car’ is enough to give me the chills. I like the reversal in the final stanza with ‘Relief washes over me’ and ‘We have a second chance to ignite and burn bright’.

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  3. Oh my!!! Without reading any of the comments here, I’m thinking you’re writing this from a personal experience…this is raw writing and the fear is visceral….and then the relief. I am at the scene with you here…and the metaphors are so well done.

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