Changing Seasons…

Winsome wind

Lifting leaves

From autumn trees.


Gusty squalls

Across the reach

Hearty waves crash on a windswept beach.


Stormy days unease

September’s short reprise

Before relentless chill of winter.


©Alison Jean Hankinson

As summer gives way to Autumn and we near the Fall equinox this seems to be the right poem for d’Verse open link night. Soon be out in those wellies crunching the fallen leaves…





Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

30 thoughts on “Changing Seasons…”

  1. I can sense the abruptness as to how one season can suddenly transform into the next with little warning. Your photos illustrate the differences in the landscape from season to season. Thanks for sharing, Alison.

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  2. You really whipped up the weather with the ‘winsome wind’ just lifting leaves and then turning to gusty squalls, Alison – typical British weather!
    My favourite lines:
    ‘Stormy days unease
    September’s short reprise
    Before relentless chill of winter.’

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  3. I’d love to see those raging waves. I’d like to see them from behind the glass of that hotel in the background, brrrrrr Your tone made me think of Fall turning to Winter. The transition is quite palpable, very good!

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