Last Rose of Summer.

Tranquil morning,

Slivers of sun ripple over a glass smooth sea

Dew sodden grass with the first fall of autumn leaves.


Robin redbreast sings his September song

Lyrical and subdued sheltered in the boughs of the old plum tree

Last rose of summer sheds her petals.


© Alison Jean Hankinson

My offering for open link night at d’Verse.

Spent a lovely late summer afternoon up on the Solway Firth with my Dad. The Robin sang most of the afternoon in the garden and it really took a lot of patience to track him down and get a reasonable photo. Both images taken this afternoon in Dad’s back garden.







Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

27 thoughts on “Last Rose of Summer.”

  1. Hunting down that robin was like hunting for the perfect cherry blossom – totally worth it. So much beauty in this poem. I love the pics as well. the last rose of summer is always a little imperfect it seems. But worth it. they also seem to smell the sweetest because it is the last one. Our robins hang around all winter as well down south here.

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