Depression-never give up hope.

Destructive tendencies overshadow joy

Empty heart and emotionless void

Piercing silence and perpetual loneliness

Replaces peace and solitude.

Even in our darkest hours we seek the light.


Sustain our strength with firm resolve

Support each other with promises new

In higher spirits soar above the stigma and the shame

Overcome the numbness.

Never give up on tomorrow

©Alison Jean Hankinson

At d’Verse Frank challenged us to create an acrostic, and this is tonight’s offering, I might have another later, because he introduced me to some other styles and I might have a go at one of them.

I took the photos tonight down on the beach, it was a beautiful late summer dusk, I wanted to catch the seagull soaring to represent the spirit and hope at the end of the acrostic, they soar too fast and my hands are not steady enough…but I was happy with the two I managed to capture for here. This is what I do to uplift my spirit.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

23 thoughts on “Depression-never give up hope.”

  1. Very nice poem. I like how “silence” pairs with “peace” and “loneliness” with “solitude” in the first stanza. That seems like a good description of depression. I like this line: “Even in our darkest hours we seek the light.”

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  2. A pox on depression, nice stanza break to complete the word. I’d like to think that our poetic community helps to exorcise demons & provide hugs when needed; smile.

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  3. You did a great job of describing the isolation and also the perspicacity of light perception, as in the dark tunnel and a great distance separates you and its end, yet the opening, the light, is what you focus on. And it burns. And it beckons. And you realize it’s the truth.

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  4. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Alison. I like the juxtaposition in this poem and the way it moves from the darkness at the beginning of the first stanza to the seeking of light at the end, and then the ‘higher spirits’ in the second – and excellent advice: ‘Never give up on tomorrow’.

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  5. Beautiful photos! What a special place that you live near enough to see scenery and nature like this! Your poem’s content is stunning, with or without the acrostic. Depression is such a tough tough illness….and you’ve provided some light here for those who need a breath, a light, and hope. Beautifully done.

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