Road Trip to Brighouse Bay.


As a young boy in Kirkcudbright,

Dad sat on the harbour wall eating fish n chips.

Summer bliss.


Wet and windy August Bank holiday

Returning to old haunts with Dad,

Trip down memory lane,

Eating haddock and chips

In the bandstand in the rain.

© Alison Jean Hankinson

My offering for d’Verse after a blissful weekend away in the caravan taking a trip down memory lane with Dad.



Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

20 thoughts on “Road Trip to Brighouse Bay.”

  1. It is always fun, albeit challenging to revisit places of the past; lovely though to do it with your Dad, Cold & rainy there for August. My wife was in Scotland in June, and it was cold & rainy most of two weeks.

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  2. I like how you did the (pardon the expression) bait and switch… offering us fish & chips the first time, haddock and chips the second. Don’t know why exactly, but it pulled me up and made me smile. Good poetry, that! Not to mention I’m tasting malt vinegar….

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  3. Oh boy, I’m starving! Even when language fails, the fish and chips is still here to unite the United Kingdom (and the Commonwealth) — and to unite the diet of a pescetarian’s and everyone else’s.

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  4. VErrrry late to the reading. Apologies! Had grandkids with us Sunday through yesterday
    So glad I read this one……..I think for many of us, we’ve had moments of bliss with our parents that only now, when they are memories, do we realize they were indeed bliss. So many of those memories I wish I could catapult back to…just for a few more moments with my folks.
    Wonderful use of the word “bliss” here.

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