Love beyond the grave.

She gave away her heart

Beneath the beating sun

He held her hand so close

She was his only one.


In time, they knew, love grew

More each day and more

The years went by, youth flew

Old age caught up for sure.


In death she held his heart

And wept for days of old

Her tears ran down his face

Against her skin his hand felt cold.


Love lingers on beyond

Though tears she sheds no more

She takes his love to Heaven

His soul to meet once more.


©Alison Jean Hankinson


A second attempt for d’Verse…at trimeter…wonder if I got it this time?

The image is my Great Grandfather John Henry Mcclanaghan and his wife Frances with their eldest daughter Frances. Taken about 1904. theirs was an unusual love story. Some of it is in the link below.

Salford Pals





Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

12 thoughts on “Love beyond the grave.”

  1. It is good to remember and record the stories of members of our families. Nice trimeter poem of the love between your great grandparents. It makes me want to see what stories I can remember of my own relatives.

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  2. I read thag story before at a dVerse prompt. It was a beautiful story. Make us remember how love brings people together and bind them for years to come. It’s a beautiful poem. Nothing melancholic as a complete love story!

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