Being able to give… the greatest blessing.

I can smile and skip and scurry in hurry along the winding road

I can speak, chide and compliment and listen to lighten your load

I have food work and sustenance and a humble comfortable abode.


I am blessed with unfaltering hope and love and wings to fly

And distant dreams to share and amazing opportunities to try

And firm friendships love and family that death will always defy.


My family are a blessing and they give me hope each and every day

When I am lost they give me sense of purpose and help me find my way

They are my anchor in stormy weather when I would rather run away.


May you find your inner strength in the gifts of love you receive

May you give back compassionately to those who are in need

And remember that the most bountiful blessing is in the deed.


Alison Jean Hankinson

This was created in response to Paul Scribbles poetics challenge for d’Verse on the theme of blessings.


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

13 thoughts on “Being able to give… the greatest blessing.”

  1. Your closing line s killer. OMG, yes, family first, whether soap opera or fairy tale or lurid machinations. 8 grandchildren from 3 daughters reshape our lives; reinvigorate our fatigued souls. When I see the confirmed bachelors, the childless marriages, you always find doting on nephews & nieces or fur kids.

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  2. Indeed the gift is in the giving … and we must remember that when someone gives us a gift and accept graciously so as not to spoil their joy in the giving. It behooves those of us most blessed to gift what we can. Lovely poem.

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