Tears of summer

It should have been a whimsical day. Instead, I have existed somewhere between morose and forlorn. The summer seems to have vanished and with it all sense of joy and certainty only to be replaced by some strange uneasy restlessness, not quite admitting defeat but eager to have some steerage and surety about where my next steps will lead me.

It has been a weekend of waves and high tides, unsettling and I have been unable to make the most of getting down to the sea. Today it became a necessity, to track the well-worn paths through the grass, camera in hand with the hope of catching a gull in flight or a breath-taking landscape to restore some semblance of order into my world.

Tide high Seagulls fly
Raindrops splatter Terns shelter
Summer deserts us


This is for Haibun Monday at d’Verse, where were asked to think about summer.


Alison Jean Hankinson


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

24 thoughts on “Tears of summer”

  1. I love the photos, Alison, and empathise with your uneasy feelings of restlessness at not visiting the sea. Once the exam marking is over I plan to get to the beach as much as possible. And as I read your haiku, the rain replaced this morning’s faint sunshine…

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  2. Isn’t it winter down your way? A friend of mine celebrated the winter solstice. But truly, a great write. I enjoyed the disappointment felt in summer. Our summers here are hitting 93 and it is just the end of June. I hope you get to walk by the sea and soon!

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