Seaside sandcastles


Isn’t summertime just grand

Children playing by the sea-shore

Building seaside castles in the sand


Poolside picnics we demand

Sand in sandwiches we deplore

Isn’t summertime just grand


Sun cream to give a safe tan

And stop our shoulders getting sore

Building seaside castles in the sand.


Sea breeze blows across the land

We can hear the ocean roar

Isn’t summertime just grand


Music mellow from the brass band

Across the pier soothing sounds soar

Building seaside castles in the sand


Collecting seashells and seaweed by hand

Decorating the creations we adore

Isn’t summertime just grand

Building seaside castles in the sand


Alison Jean Hankinson

For d’verse– an attempt at a villanelle…..





Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

17 thoughts on “Seaside sandcastles”

  1. Methinks thee enjoyed thyself immensely as you penned this dusky gem. I appreciate the light-hearted approach-mine was about death–all dramatic & shit.

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  2. This one brought a smile 🙂 I couldn’t help thinking that the repetition of how grand summertime is, was trying to convince yourself of the truth of it. Brisk sea breezes on English beaches when you suddenly realise that you’re wet and cold, is what I remember from childhood holidays. I’d love it now. Oh to have those times again!

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  3. Love the full circle you take here….to end with the decorating of those sand castles. And oh yes….always so disconcerting to bite into that sandwich on your beach picnic and feel the grit of sand as you chew. But somehow, it’s okay…because ain’t summer grand? 🙂

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