This Old House

Blot on the landscape

Ugliest house drapes

Lime green


Garden not shipshape

A narrow escape



Dirty old milk crate

For a garden gate

Rats’ dream.


Alison Jean Hankinson


A light-hearted attempt at a Lai for d’Verse….not as easy as it looks…and my first ever…

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

18 thoughts on “This Old House”

  1. Fun one, Alison. I’m not sure which level you teach, but when I was a docent at an art museum, I liked to introduce kids to poetry by having them write simple forms about a painting. This could be a fun one for you to use if it’s within an age-appropriate setting.

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  2. How did you find us? The drapes are avocado,not lime. It’s an herb garden! Ha ha, loved this one. I know I’ve violated at least two of these faux pas, but I’m not going to say which…

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