Can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking

Can’t stop worrying about the drinking

The bills, the wolf howling at the door

The need to always give that little bit more

Buster’s new shoes, Molly’s lose tooth

Worn out carpets on our worn out floors

Can’t sleep woes, Can’t sleep blues

If you know me well enough avoid me in the morning

As I’ll have the can’t sleep short fuse.



Alison Jean Hankinson

Written today for d’Verse... we had to save a life on an issue…I chose can’t sleep which I am sure affects many people a lot of the time.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

11 thoughts on “Insomnia”

  1. I’m the same – and when you can’t sleep you get poems invading your head and you can’t sleep so you get up and write them down and then you can’t sleep…

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  2. I agree with Sarah, sleep is much more solid diversion all during my retirement (7 years this month). My sweet wife is only partially retired, so I still store at 6am to keep her company. My natural rhythms are stay up until 1am, sleep until 9am–but doesn’t get to happen very often.

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  3. Ah….I almost did this one. Insomnia — the curse of hot flashes in the night and dreams that are indescribable and a trip to the loo and a dry mouth need for water and on and on and on. Short fuse in the AM — oh yeah. Some of us are morning people and some not! Definitely can relate here 🙂 Give me my morning elixir (drinking it now) before anything else! 🙂

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