Thank you, Ariana Grande

One love

We all stand tall

Young and old united

One voice one song one heart one soul

Love wins.


Alison Jean Hankinson

This is my one (oops I didn’t realise it was one and did more the other week…sorry) offering for d’Verse open link night as I would like it to be read.

This is an attempt at a cinquain, inspired by yesterday watching the Ariana Grande “One Love” concert from home. My roots and heritage are from Salford and Manchester and what she did last night was a great gesture of love, compassion and courage especially following the events in London on Saturday evening. The care she demonstrated towards the students of Parrs Wood School Choir was heart-warming. Thank you, Ariana Grande.


The photo is my own, we went as a family to pay our respects and lay flowers in the week following the tragedy.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

11 thoughts on “Thank you, Ariana Grande”

  1. My father was born in Manchester and I’ve been there a couple of times. The bombing in Manchester hurt my heart and soul. Yet, the grace and elegance of that little girl from Boca Raton touched me too. My heart is so much with my British friends with these terrible events ..the bombing, the bridge attacks, and the fire yesterday at Grenfell Tower fill all of us with a desire to reach out, pray, pull for, our friends and comrades. Thank you!

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