Summer storm 1985

Across the raging Ocean

Hurtling home from France in a skittish Dufour

Bobbing in the ocean like a pea in a drum.


Drum lost her keel in Fastnet fright

We were stranded at sea off Selsey Bill

Limped into Shoreham late evening

Summer storm.


Alison Jean Hankinson

A memorable sailing trip with my parents in August 1985, as a teenager, still not sure how we survived, the auto-pilot couldn’t hold our course it was a little bit rough to say the least. Dad’s little Dufour was 26ft….Simon Le Bon’s Drum was more like 78ft….


For Quadrille at d’Verse. Challenge STORM.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

15 thoughts on “Summer storm 1985”

    1. LOl…I think it put me off sailing forever…I now apsire to have a caravan to go to Whitby and Scarborough and Inverness…… have fish and chips and watch the sea….


  1. I love the sea … to watch. I have no desire to be on it. My son-in-law nearly was paralyzed by a rogue wave in Hawaii which broke his neck when it slammed him to the ocean floor. No thank you. Then there’s the jelly fish … and the sharks. It’s a landlubber I am, but I loved your poem!

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  2. Bobbing in the ocean like a pea in a drum — great description! I must say, I am not comfortable in the water, swimming or in a sailboat. A cruise ship is another thing — but you’ve written of my fears here!

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