Let’s be clear on why we’re here.


To love unconditionally

To pass the tests

Of time

To be humble

To walk in awe

Of nature


To be kind to others

To share our wealth

Whatever that may be-

Humour, love, strength, patience

Words of wisdom

To listen carefully.


To be brave

To walk forward into battle

With a steadfast heart

And rising mettle

Knowing that win or lose

We wagered.



To be wise

Keep calm and peaceful

In the storms that rage inside

And know that tomorrow the skies will clear

And beyond the misty gloom

The rainbows will reappear.


Kia Kaha- to be strong

To guard our children fiercely

And cry real tears of sorrow

For all the mothers who have lost their children

And know that every day is long

For someone.


Alison Jean Hankinson

For d’Verse poetics, again written this weekend- I was clearly in need of some chicken soup for the soul. I would hope that this is an optimistic poem and a reminder that we are humble and to be cognisant of the battles we are all fighting underneath the surface.

With love.






Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

11 thoughts on “Let’s be clear on why we’re here.”

  1. ‘Chicken soup for the soul’ is ab apt way of describing the outpourings of a poet when the world is going mad, Alison. A list poem of the most important things we must remember. Thank you for reminding us and writing two inspiring poems to save lives.

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  2. Damn. This is solid, strong, powerful poetry.

    These are the sections that speak to me:

    “To be humble
    To walk in awe”

    “To listen carefully.
    To be brave”

    “Knowing that win or lose
    We wagered.”

    “Kia Kaha- to be strong
    To guard our children fiercely”

    “And know that every day is long
    For someone.”

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  3. This clearly IS why we are all here to share, to care, to love one another in this short life we have been granted. Wise and wonderful words to share. Thank you!

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  4. Late to the reading….just back from wonderful days with grandchildren. To listen……ah that is the key in so many situations! And I’m struck by sharing our wealth, whatever it may be. Am reminded of what I often say and have said since our children were small, “We all have different gifts.” And so should be the next statement….”and we are wise to share them!” 🙂

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