Still young inside my head.

I think despite the generation gap Ed Sheeran must have had a similar childhood to mine. Earlier in the year I did a cover lesson at a local High school where we needed to look at song lyrics for poetic form, I hurriedly asked a kindly looking lad what he thought would be appropriate for the class so I could quickly do a youtube search and get this lesson in the bag. He suggested Castle on the Hill.  This week some kid in the playground whispered Grandma when I walked past…and I wondered who she was on about because even though I am 50 (I am still young in my head)… I am wiser…yes..but not old. So I have driven to work every day this week belting out Castle on the Hill with the window down. I defy you to call me Grandma. And then my smile becomes a grin…because I am home.

Remembering youth

Through your song my Summers’ surge

Dawn chorus wakens.


Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for Haibun Monday at d’Verse.


The picture is from about 1979- I played trombone in the local band and summer was always full of festivals, concerts and walking days.



Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

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