Sunset Silhouette

The sun goes down across the sound

The sky across the water shimmers

I see your footsteps in the sand

Your fading silhouette gets dimmer

In this moment my dreams abound

For fear of loss recedes and withers

My love for you is strong as hewn

From landscapes framed in moon.


Alison Jean Hankinson.


this was really hard, it was for d’Verse and we were challenged to write in a  form called Ottava Rima. This was beautiful Morecambe Bay Sands at sunset on Friday 26 May 2017.18664659_10212871462006798_1966529825697143023_n

Stunned silence

The deafening silence of tragedy

the sound of pain beyond human comprehension

Stunned into silence a soundless

pause perhaps if we remain completely silent

maybe we won’t be noticed and it won’t be real.

Shrill sounds reveal that it is scarily real after all.


Alison Jean Hankinson


This is for d’Verse quadrille.

In 2005 I was in London with a group of school students when there was the second bombing, my students who were young and had never experienced anything like that before just wanted to get on their coach and go home immediately which just wasn’t possible, we left the following morning and the bus was eerily silent and remained so until we got beyond Birmingham. Silence is deafening in tragic circumstances. My heart and love to all to all who were touched by the Manchester bombing.

We cherish their footfalls


we lived and died here

Names trickle by,

echoes of the past

Stories unfold


Startling revelations

In the stories we shared

Souls and mortal sins bared


We name our children in their honour

They will echo us forever

In their blood and bones.


Alison Jean Hankinson


This is for Quadrille with d’Verse.


Still young inside my head.

I think despite the generation gap Ed Sheeran must have had a similar childhood to mine. Earlier in the year I did a cover lesson at a local High school where we needed to look at song lyrics for poetic form, I hurriedly asked a kindly looking lad what he thought would be appropriate for the class so I could quickly do a youtube search and get this lesson in the bag. He suggested Castle on the Hill.  This week some kid in the playground whispered Grandma when I walked past…and I wondered who she was on about because even though I am 50 (I am still young in my head)… I am wiser…yes..but not old. So I have driven to work every day this week belting out Castle on the Hill with the window down. I defy you to call me Grandma. And then my smile becomes a grin…because I am home.

Remembering youth

Through your song my Summers’ surge

Dawn chorus wakens.


Alison Jean Hankinson

This is for Haibun Monday at d’Verse.


The picture is from about 1979- I played trombone in the local band and summer was always full of festivals, concerts and walking days.