Williamson Park


Today was a beautiful and delightful segue into Spring. The sun shone, the snowdrops have given way to Crocus and the trees are beginning to bud. Early flowers on cherry blossoms. We took a walk through Williamson Park, to blow the cobwebs away and drink in the beauty of Lancaster and the Bay. It was a trip down memory lane and fourteen years since we had last walked here.

We made our way to the Ashton memorial and the butterfly house to relax in the sunshine in the outdoor cafeteria, our last visit had been as Spring gave way to summer in 2003, it was May bank holiday weekend and the sun had shone and whilst it wasn’t quite warm enough for short sleeves we had no need for coats. It had been a poignant stroll as my husband was about to embark on a six-month compulsory stint in war-torn Iraq. We absorbed everything we could from the moment and the natural beauty of the vista in front of us knowing that it was a place of special significance to us- I had been able to see the park and the Ashton memorial from the maternity ward when the girls were born. It was energising to return and see it anew having been away for so long.

The Butterfly house
our stunning memorial
Cherry blossom sings

Alison Jean Hankinson


For Haibun Monday at D’Verse. Toni challenged us to immerse ourselves in nature. I know my nature also has buildings but to me buildings are part of what I see as a natural landscape.

Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

9 thoughts on “Williamson Park”

  1. And you could see that memorial from your maternity stay! What lovely touchstones you have given us in this haibun, all of the memories that you have returned to. And the haiku at the end is resplendent with spring.

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  2. We have a butterfly house in our State Park. Such a wonderful place. I enjoyed the peek into your personal attachment to the places you took us. Thank you.


  3. you’ve taken us round the circle with your words….from maternity to the leaving of your husband to distant shores. Beautifully penned. I especially love the idea of taking a walk to clear those cobwebs that days of cold can bring.

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