The Pearl in the Oyster


Ethereal moonlight

Bathes the window casement

Teases me with her chaste beams.


Opulent flowers

Reminiscent of those blood-red roses

Shed their petals on a dusty mantelpiece.


Beautiful memories

Reverberate off these stone bare walls

Rekindle flames in these sad eyes.


Love is a sham

Clandestine mausoleum to those pretty days

So I force a smile to suppress my saddened heart.



Alison Jean Hankinson



This is for tonight where we are asked to have a heart by Lillian.

Image from Flickr….entitled-Valentine’s Day jewelry and roses by State Farm.

Original can be viewed here: Roses


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

15 thoughts on “The Pearl in the Oyster”

  1. The thing we often forget is that Valentine’s Day can bring pain to those without significant others–lovely & sad piece, littered with dropped rose petals.

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  2. For years.. For Decades spent
    and Christmas came and went
    And i becAMe work away from heART..
    And at my mother’s home.. sat cards of all
    those who touched her heARt from years of
    contact.. come again.. as love…
    No cards at my
    home for i was
    work with
    Love to spread
    from desk and chair…
    My Grandmother became
    a painter in her 60’s after her
    father died.. my mother.. a poet..
    after her mother died.. and it seems
    my mother could be close to that in a hospital
    tonight.. yet known from the result of tests.. me..
    too sick with a cold to enter into sanitized rooms where
    germs could kill..
    the thing is.. i never
    took the time to send cards
    before.. as one must give
    without any expectation
    to receive
    as that’s
    life works first..
    i find noW in older
    age more than ever before..
    i never forget anyone who is nice
    to me.. hehe.. and i rarely forget anyone
    in a bad way who is mean to me.. greaTest
    art comes from dARk when Love liveS on and
    the more i come to hurt the more i come to Love
    wins Love wins.. lives liGht..
    Happy Valentine’s mY.. FriEnd..:)

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