Heversham Head


Burnished brambles soft

underfoot on winter hike

brisk I catch my breath.

Returning to England after eleven years in New Zealand and finding the immediate transition from summer soaring heat to winter chill more than a little breathtaking the temptation to hibernate has been more than very real, so it was with some trepidation and a whole lot of zealous determination that made me venture forth on Sunday to conquer Heversham Head post Sunday roast in Sunday best with hiking boots. I managed to avoid face-plant in mud..and was rewarded with landscapes beyond imagination.

Alison Jean Hankinson.

This is for Haibun Monday with d’Verse in response to the challenge and guidance provided by Bjorn. The image (my own) was taken following a brisk walk up Heversham Head on Sunday afternoon and is from the descent at Fluster Gap. It was rather chilly and bracing.

#d’Verse haibun Monday


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

12 thoughts on “Heversham Head”

  1. i like the ‘post sunday roast’ reminds me of my family gatherings where we’d go for a bit of a walk between dinner and dessert. Definitely made the pie taste even better

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  2. When walking I am often amazed by the landscape that’s around me and visible by simply opening my eyes and distracting my mind long enough from the thoughts churning through my head. Doing something different is a way to be “rewarded with landscapes beyond imagination”.


  3. The cold must have been a shock to the system, but oh my! What a stunning photo it produced (love that tinge of blue, as if exemplifying the cold)! And I love that line ‘brisk I catch my breath’ – great encapsulation of your trepidation and then delight!

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