The Road to Wollengong


Comradeship a sculpture

in memory of Michael Dwyer

on the road to Wollengong

A tribute to an extraordinary man

with compassion and a care of others

With whispers of lives past

Hopes and voices of futures yet to be dreamed

amidst a sunny seascape


Alison Jean Hankinson


For d’Verse Quadrille #24

d’Verse quadrille #24

Sculpture Comradeship by Didier Balez

This tells you a little about the life of the man the sculpture commemorates:

Blog-honour of Michael Dwyer


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

9 thoughts on “The Road to Wollengong”

  1. A man worth honouring for sure. A real shame that Gonski didn’t turn out as envisaged.

    I was disconcerted at first, because I thought there must be some other town with a name very like Wollongong. But in fact it is evidently Wollongong that you mean. (Well, that’s the usual spelling, but as it’s clearly an indigenous word, I guess the accepted spelling is arbitrary after all.)

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