Crossing over


Here I stand cap in hand

A lifetime before me

And a lifetime behind me

And in the lamplight the path isn’t clear.


Here I lean upon my wooden bridge

Subdued memories ripple downstream in the wake of yesterday

And if I cross- hail what tomorrow brings

Shadows or sunsets in the evening?


Alison Jean Hankinson

For poetics d’Verse

d’Verse poetics abridged

Image– my mum and my daughter Ellen at St Annes, Lancashire. Mum was called Anne…

The lifetime behind me is my mum, whom I left behind and lost when I came to NZ, the lifetime before me is Ellen my eldest daughter whom I leave behind when I leave NZ to return to England.


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

11 thoughts on “Crossing over”

  1. Beautifully penned and a beautiful photo as well. Crossing the large “pond” — While in New Zealand we met quite a few people who’d made the decision to move from the UK to New Zealand and while every one was happy in their life and loved New Zealand, each expressed how hard it was to be so very far and so many time zones away from family.

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  2. 2008.. standing on a cOld
    and Wintery Beach
    about this
    date now
    it seems
    iN January
    then.. a bridge
    to a past of 33 years
    or so of work that was
    on the verge of literally
    killing me then.. i let it go..
    like a comet tale that had become
    me.. for 66 months thEre were no
    more FeeLinG chapters of mY liFe..
    And finAlly
    i shook
    To HeLL oFF..
    and yes.. 66 months later
    almost to date and 42 months
    since the third week of July 2013..
    i cAMe bAck and tHeRe is no going
    back or forward as the bridge floats
    forevermore NoW iN the
    NoW.. yeS..
    LIFe is too short…
    And Long Forevermore
    noW iN MaKinG every letter
    A poem.. every note A song that soars..
    And every step a dance thaT Never enDs noW oN..:)

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