Te Matau ā Pohe

It was a crisp clear winter’s morn

The town was still waking

The bridge was awash in early morning glory

Breathtaking beauty in a moment

Of luxury and peaceful contemplation

These moments are cherished

The moments where our existence

However minuscule is in perfect harmony

With the world around us.


Alison Jean Hankinson


Te Matau ā Pohe is the name of the bridge in Whangarei, it was opened on Saturday 27 July 2013. The bridge spans the Hatea River from Pohe Island to Port Road. Its name means the fish-hook of Pohe.

The symbolism of the fish-hook, it represents strength, good luck and safe travel across water.

This was written in response to d”Verse poetics. Link here:

d’Verse poetics abridged

I took the photos on the morning described, I had taken Ellen to work very early one winter’s morning and just had to pull over and take in the beauty of the moment.



Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

14 thoughts on “Te Matau ā Pohe”

  1. Love this! Especially these lines
    “a moment
    Of luxury and peaceful contemplation”
    More of us should stop during moments like this, and contemplate what we see. How many times do people simply rush by and traverse her — rather than looking at the total picture — especially the reflection in her waters below.
    Lovely — especially her name. hmmmm…..notice that? Somehow I’ve slipped into calling this bridge a she 🙂

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  2. There’s an Interstate
    10 Loop boardwalk bridge
    underneath the big concrete
    bridge in Biloxi CaSinos way..
    And while the wife
    plays with
    the one
    Arm bandits..
    i relax wiTh
    Nature tHeir..
    A place for homeless
    folks to rest tHeir head..
    surELy mOre A gift oF lifE
    than thaT new Scarlet Pearl
    that Trump built on the other siDe..
    funny.. how homeless can work with A HuMan
    soUL.. morE BridGes needED to SpiRit oF HeART..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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