For Ellen


Pre-empted vision

And what stands between us

Is only time and space.

Meaningless when you consider the vacuum

That we have already crossed.


Alison Jean Hankinson

We were asked to use visual prompts to be inspired- the idea of new beginnings, this particular image spoke volumes to me- as we are just about to embark on a new journey and leave behind our precious daughter Ellen. We will be worlds apart but I believe that love, all love-especially a mother’s love can span the abyss of any darkness, cross any void and penetrates the cavern of eternity. ( The same Ellen as in Ellen has a fever., but she was only 18 months old then and now she is 17…)


Image-New beginnings at the ends of the earth- by- Michaela Sagatova, see web link below:

Visual prompt

This is for “beginnings” at d’Verse Poetics, hosted by Mish

Beginnings d’Verse


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

16 thoughts on “For Ellen”

  1. Oh….your words made me look at this painting in an entirely new way.
    One month before our daughter turned 16, we put her on an airplane to go and be an exchange student in Germany for 11 months. It was in the days of no Skype, no social media, no cell phones, etc….just plain old letters (paper and pen) and very expensive phone calls. You’ve really nailed the feeling on its head here. That memory of watching the plane leave — oh my. We knew we would never have our same daughter back again. “The best things a parent can give her child is roots and wings.” Sometimes, I used to think, we did too good of a job on the wings! Ah — the mark of good poetry is when it can engage the reader and the reader continues with thought upon thought from the original words. You’ve done that!
    Enjoyed this very much….read it several times. Power in very few words.

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    1. I am so pleased it gave you these feelings and I know that it is is hard for any mother to wave goodbye to her child..we just have to trust that we gave them some of the things they will need on their life journeys…I always tried to remind myself that they were just mine to love and nurture and that one day they would leave to have their own families. XXXX Much love to you. XXX

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  2. This is full of LOVE….which has more power than any distance or time. A lovely write, and even with the wariness between the lines, there is much hope.

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