Mother’s Love

13411939_10209544645598467_2234712537344072344_oMy tiny treasures

Look at the scar that you created

I wear it for you with love and pride.

I wear it with stoicism

Disfigured permanently for motherhood

We call it an apron

It hangs loose and saggy like an old washed out jumper.

Alison Jean Hankinson


This was written for the quadrille at d’Verse. Hope it is okay.



Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

17 thoughts on “Mother’s Love”

  1. Alison, as one who bears that same scar, I simply love this. It is such a tangible thing, to bear motherhood as a physical scar, an actual mark. They change us in so many unseeable ways, it only seems fitting.

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  2. Oh how I love this. Especially the excellent description at the end…”It hangs loose and saggy like an old washed out jumper.” This makes me smile…as did the photo before I even read the words. I’ll take every scar of motherhood for the ultimate joy it brought to me. 🙂 Smiling I am.

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