Haibun/Haiku on Nature

Write a haibun at dVerse on any subject- I wanted to capture the power of nature. This weekend there was a terrible tragedy at sea over on the other side of the coast where the seas were very high and powerful. A fishing charter boat- The Francie capsized or similar crossing the bar, there were 11 aboard, three survived and the bodies of 7 recovered,one is still missing. The power of nature is not to be scoffed at. I hope I did them justice in my short Haiku. God rest their souls. XXXX

In terms of rough seas in summertime I have experienced the terrifying forces of nature, a long time ago 1985 I was crossing the English Channel from Deauville to Poole with my parents in a 26ft yacht, a Dufour, very skittish even with extra ballast. There was a ferocious storm and the waves were very powerful and we were knocked off course and struggled for more than 12 hours to stay upright, we finally made safe harbour near Brighton after 36 hours at sea, the last 12sailing up and down a 5 mile stretch trying to locate where we were, there was a dangerous sandspit called Selsey Bill that we didn’t want to run aground on. We survived though, harnessed to the boat. We were fortunate.800px-SelseyHaylingPortsea.JPG


Darkened seascape

Heaving, the Boat braves the Bar

Spills her load to death


Author: alisonhankinson

Walking tall whenever I can.

21 thoughts on “Francie”

  1. Hi.. Allison.. first..
    a quick note.. the
    link you provided
    takes one to the
    Word Press New post screen..
    anyWay.. i found
    you with
    no problem..

    Now to

    in Florida surely
    make the power kNown
    of Nature in its awesome
    Force.. wHere Ivan of 2004
    the iNfrastructure
    in one winds swipe..
    funny thing..
    WE neighbors
    had a cook-out
    for the first time
    ever with Hurricane outAges..
    proving what’s missing overall
    in life these days with front porches
    iN home AC/DC
    eNtertainment lives..:)

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  2. First of all, I’m struggling with 1985 being a long time ago because that makes me old. Great description of the event. Glad it ended well.


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